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Posted by Dewayne on 04/11/2012

Thrusday night, out cruising an evening lap at Thunderbird in reverse direction(which is a fun change up...) and I get a flat.  No problem, except I have gotten into the bad habit of not carrying anything to change a flat with lately.  Out on the Gold Loop, flat tire, no tube or air, heck not even an 8mm allen to take off my rear wheel!  Fortunately my rear rim needs replacing(a seasonal task since I am stuck in the Dark Ages of Rim Brakes) and my trusty AKA TNT is worn smooth already so I continue riding.  Tobin laughs at me since he says "Looks like you are riding through loose sand!".  I just shift my weight forward and look for the easy outs.  About 4 miles later we are at the parking lot and barley pops await. 

Saturday I take my bike apart and assess the damages.  Rear wheel looks great actually but the rim sidewalls are worn down from braking so I take it apart anyway.  Since my wheel is apart I contemplate stripping the bike down.  Bottom bracket has a lot of play, check.  Brake pivots on my Avid Ultimates are needing replacement, check.  Cables feel sticky, check. Water comes out of my frame when I pull the BB, check.....  So, down to frame the bike goes.  New coating of Frame Saver, new BB, new brake bearings, overhaul everything.  A good Spring cleaning, ready for the ride season.....or is it the storage season.....please don't be so hot this year!!!!

Some pics of the teardown:

Water in the frame...... I should pull my seatpost and flip my bike for draining more often.

Thank goodness for steel!  I have been riding with this frame damage for 3 years now!!!!

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