Tobin A.K.A. Sweet T

Tobin A.K.A. Sweet T

561 Buchanan Ave
Phone (Work):

"Hey...Which one is Tobin?"  

" Oh...He's the guy with the BIG beard."  

 Tobin was born in Southern California at at the height of the BMX explosion. This was the spark that started the fire of his two wheeled passion. During his youth he made friends with the families of the local bike shops. He landed in Norman Oklahoma in 1991 where he found Freddie Karcher and Buchanan Bicycles. Freddie was the owner and founder of Buchanan Bicycles. Tobin made many attempts at obtaining a job with Freddie. Persistence paid off and after two years   Tobin finally got the job! Freddie honed Tobin's skills as a mechanic over the following several years. Freddie's skills in bicycle mechanics  and wheel building were on a level he had never been exposed to in previous bike shops. Tobin also apprenticed with Freddie building custom frames. Here, he learned the "old" methods of frame building. He was not allowed to use anything but manual files and tools until he had  "earned" the right to use them. Studying microbiology ant the University of Oklahoma he continued to work at the shop when a former employee Eric Richardson purchased the business. He helped Eric grow the business over the next few years. In 2002 Eric sold the business to Tobin. 


Tobin has many hobbies. He is a big coffee geek, gets a kick out of building weird contraptions made from bike parts and loves motorcycles and cars.  If you are a local you might have seen him in his custom  1965 Chevy Van(the rainbow colored one) or his Harley Davidson chopper(the guy with his beard hanging out of his helmet). He also enjoys dirt bike riding with his family. He is most certainly enamored by things with wheels. Especially the ones that have two of them!